White House Super Bowl Party Menu | Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl

Last year President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama released the White House menu for their Super Bowl party.  The following is what their guests munched on Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Cheeseburgers, Pizza, Buffalo Wings, Potato Salad and Ice Cream.  This year they will be serving Nachos made with fresh tomato sauce and a quality tortilla with a side of Guacamole.  Avocados is the President’s favorite snack food.

If you would like to serve a healthy menu for the dignitaries at your Super Bowl soiree this year, visit for recipes and ideas.

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Horned Melon | Kiwano Melon

The Horned Melon, also called a kiwano, jelly melon, melano, African horned cucumber and even the blowfish fruit, tastes like a cross between a banana, cucumber and lemon. The Horned Melon has horn-like spikes on a bright orange skin. The brighter the orange, the sweeter the fruit.

This strange looking fruit is full of immunity boosting vitamin C and fiber. It can be eaten raw or cut up and added to fruit salad, ice cream or cheesecake. The shells can be used as serving bowls for soups, yogurt and sorbets.

You can find this unique fruit year round at gourmet markets and many supermarkets in the produce section. For more information and recipe ideas, visit


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Red Wine | Malbec

Published on January 23, 2012, in Wine, Wine Tasting.

Among the “big six”, the Malbec grape originates from the Bordeaux region of France, but has become Argentina’s signature grape. Say Malbec to a wine lover and they will reply Argentina.  Malbec is making a new name for itself with red wine lovers everywhere.

Malbec is typically a medium to full-bodied red wine. Ripe fruit flavors of plums and blackberry give it a jammy characteristic with firm tannins and a dense color.

Malbec is definitely a red meat wine that is adaptable enough to stand up to spicy Mexican, Cajun, Indian or Italian fare. Consider serving Malbec with barbecue, chili and sausage.

For great Malbec food pairings , visit deVine Table.

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Food and Wine Event Aspen CO | Cooking Demonstration and Wine Tastings Aspen Colorado

If you didn’t travel to Aspen to ski this winter, then you might be interested in the 30th Anniversary of the Food and Wine Classic to be held June 15 – 17, 2012.  This event has been the premier culinary and wine event of its kind.

Each June, FOOD & WINE magazine hosts 5,000 highly targeted consumers, members of the restaurant industry and press in Aspen. The three-day weekend brings FOOD & WINE to life with cooking demonstrations and wine tastings. Seminars led by wine and food superstars such as Jacques Pépin, Mario Batali and Tim Love as well as Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Giada De Laurentiis.  Rounding out the menu of chefs are wine experts  Ray Isle, Marnie Old, Paul Grieco, and Josh Wesson.

For more on this Food and Wine Classic, visit  and check out the full list of Chefs and Wine Experts.

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Muscadine Wine Altus AR | Health Benefits Muscadine Grape Altus Arkansas

Because of its high level of antioxidants, Muscadine wine offers the same health benefits as red wine.  Research focusing on the muscadine grape species (Vitis rotundifolia) suggests that there is a greater potential for health benefits from red muscadine wine than from other red grape species.  Muscadine grapes are native to the Southeast region of the United States and have been enjoyed for over 250 years. They have been shown to be rich in total phenolic compounds, ellagic acid, and catechins.

All muscadines have an amazing taste and fragrance and hardiness necessary to survive the hot and humid south. Folk tales and home recipes refer to muscadine jelly, juice and wine, and even muscadine pie.

Post Familie Winery is the largest winery in Arkansas and the first commercial vineyard to bring you home-grown Muscadine Juice and Muscadine Wine.  For more information on this winery and vineyard offering a taste of this unique southern grape in award-winning wine and juice or to order online, visit

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Wine and Art Seattle WA | Learn to Paint Seattle Washington

Looking for something new for girl’s night out, bridal showers, birthday parties, or team building?  Try a Corks and Canvas Event paint party and learn about amazing Washington wines while painting your very own masterpiece.

Corks and Canvas provides all the supplies, your first glass of wine for inspiration and step-by-step instruction. At the end of the event, you go home with your very own masterpiece. Select what you want to paint or the venue you want to visit by clicking on the calendar page then register online.

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