Manhattan Cocktail | Mix a Manhattan

Published on May 8, 2013, in Cocktails.

Esquire Magazine says to mix a Manhattan cocktail you should shake the rye, vermouth, and bitters well with cracked ice. Strain into in a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with twist or, of course, maraschino cherry. If you are used to using the bright red Maraschino cherries, try a jar of Les Parisiennes brandied cherries or Amarena Fabbri Wild Cherries.

There are a variety of Manhattans; lose the Angostura and pitch in a splash of Amer Picon and it’s a Monahan; a splash of anisette and it’s a Narragansett; 2 dashes of cherry brandy and a dash of absinthe and you’ve got a McKinley’s Delight. Leave a dash of the Angostura in, add a dash of orange bitters and 3 dashes of absinthe: a Sherman.

Or you can tinker with the vermouth. Replace half the Italian vermouth with French for a so-called Perfect Manhattan. Equal parts of rye, French vermouth, and Italian vermouth: a Jumbo. Make that with bourbon: a Honolulu (no bitters at all in those last two). Cut the Italian vermouth entirely and make it half bourbon and half French vermouth: a Rosemary. To turn that into a Brown University, just add a couple dashes of orange bitters. Coming almost full circle, if you make your classic 2-to-1 Manhattan with French vermouth instead of Italian and a dash of Amer Picon and one of Maraschino, you’re in Brooklyn.

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Margarita Cocktail | Agave Nectar Margarita

Many restaurants and bars serving margarita cocktails drown out the natural flavors of the Agave with Triple Sec, Cointreau, and sugary mixes. By following this simple margarita recipe from, you’ll find that the Tequila will control and enhance the flavor of your cocktail.

With just 3 main ingredients, this all natural margarita is so simple to make, and once you’ve perfected this cocktail it will be hard to return to any pre-mixed product.

  • Tequila: 1.5 oz
  • Agave Nectar: 2 tsp.
  • Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice: 2 oz

Mix contents, swirl or stir to dissolve Agave nectar, add enough ice to fill your preferred margarita glass, shake and serve. Garnish with lime slice or wedge, salt glass rim (optional).

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Gin Martini | Cocktails

Published on January 5, 2012, in Cocktails, Drinks.

Writer Bernard DeVoto said,  “You can no more keep a Martini in the refrigerator than you can keep a kiss there.  The proper union of gin and vermouth is one of the happiest marriages on earth, and one of the shortest lived.”

The martini has been a favorite drink for over a century.  Its exact origin has never been found, although, most people think it as an American concoction.  American writers played a major role in creating the air of mystery surrounding the martini. One of the most famous quotes came James Bond’s 007’s “shaken not stirred” instructions for preparing his martini. Many historical figures have become associated with the martini; U.S. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, authors Truman Capote and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The standard martini mixture is gin and dry vermouth, however, almost any distilled beverage can serve as a martini’s base ingredient.  Gin, vodka, rum, tequila, sake, brandy, bourbon, liquors and even wine can be used to concoct a martini.

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