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Whether it is a casual get-together with family and friends at your home or a lavish meal at a special or favorite restaurant, food and drink play an important role in our lives.

Why settle for fast or boxed food when the diversity of food and drink options are limitless. We will introduce you to specialty farms, farmers markets and fine restaurants with seasonal menus. Organic farms and food artisans can be found in every State, many near large cities.

FoodsInSeason.com and other purveyors of specialty and seasonal food are constantly searching for the freshest meats, fish and seasonal produce for the restaurants they service. Foods In Season will help us keep you informed on what’s “hot” in the restaurant industry and provide you with culinary tips.

We are lucky to live in the Northwest where the coffee, tea, wine and micro-beer choices are abundant. We will cover the Northwest along with other regions of the country and their famous specialty drinks and preferred beverages.

We hope you enjoy our blogs and contact us with information on your favorite specialty farms and markets, food artisans, and restaurants. Follow us on Face book and Twitter for updates on Seasonal-FoodandDrink.

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