Seasonal Caprese Salad

Published on July 25, 2015, in Seasonal Food.

caprise salad

As tomatoes come into season it is easy to make and improve on a classic, caprese salad.

You don’t need much more than ripe tomatoes, some fresh mozzarella and torn-up fragrant basil finished with a splash of buttery Ligurian olive oil and flaky salt. However, Tasting Table likes to tinker.

Here’s how they coax greatness from three ingredients:

The tomatoes don’t have to be red. Mix it up with tiny, tangy Green Zebras or sweet, lumpy, purple Carbons or whatever looks good at the market. For visual interest and differently sized bites, cut them in a mix of rounds and wedges. And don’t just salt the tomatoes, dress them in a tomato vinaigrette made from a base of pureed Sun Golds and vinegar-macerated shallots more from Tasting Table.

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