Krispy Kreme Charity Fundraising Ideas Vancouver WA | Fundraising for Non-Profit Groups Vancouver Washington

With three fundraising ideas to choose from, Krispy Kreme provides fundraising flexibility for Vancouver charities and other non-profit groups.

Krispy Kreme sells doughnuts to charities and other non-profit organizations at a reduced price.¬† The organization¬† resells the doughnuts for full retail price, or slightly higher.¬† Generate significant funds by pre-selling doughnuts to family, friends and neighbors or selling doughnuts at high-traffic areas such as shopping centers or community events.¬† Krispy Kreme’s two other fundraising programs are partnership punch cards and fundraising discount certificates.

For more information on how you can raise funds for your charity or non-profit group visit,

Krispy Kreme Fundraising

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