Seasonal Caprese Salad

Published on July 25, 2015, in Seasonal Food.

caprise salad

As tomatoes come into season it is easy to make and improve on a classic, caprese salad.

You don’t need much more than ripe tomatoes, some fresh mozzarella and torn-up fragrant basil finished with a splash of buttery Ligurian olive oil and flaky salt. However, Tasting Table likes to tinker.

Here’s how they coax greatness from three ingredients:

The tomatoes don’t have to be red. Mix it up with tiny, tangy Green Zebras or sweet, lumpy, purple Carbons or whatever looks good at the market. For visual interest and differently sized bites, cut them in a mix of rounds and wedges. And don’t just salt the tomatoes, dress them in a tomato vinaigrette made from a base of pureed Sun Golds and vinegar-macerated shallots more from Tasting Table.

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Gourmet Food and Drink Gifts

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100% Organic Wine | Sulfite Free Wine

Published on May 31, 2013, in Organic Wine, Wine.

Whether you think of yourself as an oenophile or just enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, finding an organic wine can be confusing.

Organic wines must contain 100 percent organically produced ingredients and have been processed using only organically produced aids.  Also, organic wine does not contain added sulfites as the USDA considers sulfites to be a synthetic food additive.  A 100 percent organic wine should state that it is 100 percent organic as well as the name of the agency that certified the wine.  Also, look for the USDA organic seal.

The Organic Wine Company, founded by Veronique Raskin, one of the pioneers of the organic wine movement, is committed to offering wines that are a pleasure to drink and are made from certified organic grapes.  The Organic Wine Company has selected for your enjoyment wines made with certified organic grapes made in accordance with European organic wine standards. To explore these wonderful organic wines, visit

Oregon Wine Company



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Farm to Table Coronado CA | Mediterranean Cuisine Coronado California

Built 120 years ago The Hotel del Coronado has been one of the most popular vacation destinations in southern California. 1500 OCEAN, Hotel del Coronado’s signature beachfront restaurant, offers a farm-to-table culinary approach, featuring California coastal ingredients and contemporary Mediterranean flavors of Italy, France and Morocco.

Complimenting the fine cuisine, their extensive wine program features eclectic discoveries and a handful of classics with a focus on the ever-emerging and diverse California wine country.

Enjoy indoor and outdoor dining in a cabana setting with stunning ocean views. Recently named ‘Best Outdoor Dining’ by San Diego Magazine, 1500 OCEAN has won praise from hotel guests and San Diego locals alike.

To find more on this award winning cuisine or to make reservations, visit

1500 Ocean


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Italian Cooking Class | Tuscan Cuisine

If you love Italian food and would like to learn the best of Tuscan cooking and living, why not take a Tuscan Cooking and Wine Vacation in the heart of Tuscany with Chef Paolo Monti. In this comprehensive “Hands On” cooking and wine tour, you will learn the best of “Tuscan Cooking and Living” with 4 exciting Italian cooking classes:

Main ingredients and sauces

Fish and seafood

Traditional Tuscan cooking including pasta and ravioli making

Risotto and Scaloppine and carpaccio

Take field trips to the wholesale market for fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, cheese, extra virgin olive oils etc. Excursions to Parma and Modena to see the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, excursion to Siena for wine tasting in a castle, visit Greve in Chianti and take a guided tour of Siena and a guided tour of Lucca.

The goal is to give you a basic knowledge of how the Cucina Italiana is structured and prepared: the herbs, spices, olive oil, pasta, rice, combination of flavors. The accent is on traditional and contemporary Italian Recipes, as used in the family and restaurants, using the freshest ingredients, fresh herbs and short cooking times. The classes are conducted in light entertaining atmosphere with lots of background information on ingredients, origins of the foods and recipes.

This Tuscan cooking program is available every week of the year, except Christmas and Easter weeks, with arrival on Sunday. To learn more about this wonderful opportunity to learn the art of Tuscan cooking, visit

Italian Cooking School

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Smoked Fish Platter Recipe | Brunch Recipe Ideas

Published on May 10, 2013, in Brunch Ideas.

For an elegant addition to your next brunch consider adding Martha Stewart’s smoked fish platter.

Whitefish salad is presented in its skin, nestled beside delicious smoked salmon and garnished with olives, lemon, and dill.  Don’t worry if your use store-bought smoked fish as this will allow you a little more time to spend on the platter’s fine presentation.


  • 1 whole smoked whitefish (1 1/2 pounds), with head and tail
  • 2 stalks celery, finely chopped
  • 1/2 small white onion
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • Romaine lettuce leaves, for garnish
  • 1/2 pound smoked sable, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 pound smoked Gaspe nova, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 pound hot smoked salmon, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 pound smoked wild Baltic salmon, thinly sliced
  • Salmon roe, for garnish
  • Caperberries, for garnish
  • Variety of olives, such as black, green and Kalamata, for garnish
  • Lemon slices, for garnish
  • Fresh dill and parsley sprigs, for garnish
  • Variety of breads, such as bagels, black bread and rye bread
  • Variety of cream cheeses
  1. Remove flesh from fish, leaving skin in one piece, reserving skin. Discard bones. Coarsely chop flesh (you should have about 4 cups). Transfer to a medium bowl. Add celery, onion, and mayonnaise. Mix gently to combine.
  2. Line a large platter with lettuce. Open reserved skin and place on platter, scale-side down. Mound salad onto one half of skin, using the skin as a template. Fold the remaining half of skin over salad, and gently press to form salad into the shape of the fish. Using scissors, cut top half of skin off, and discard. Using the edge of a spatula, gently score the salad to resemble the bones of the fish.
  3. Arrange the smoked fish around the whitefish salad. Garnish with salmon roe, caperberries, olives, lemon slices, and herbs. Serve with bread and cream cheese, on the side.

Enjoy your brunch!  For more amazing ideas for brunch and all meals, visit

Smoked Fish Platter


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